Thanks for considering me for a commission. 

-At the moment, I’m only accepting commissions for budgets of +$800 USD

-Rate $125/h to $150/h depending on the project and how busy I’m, we can also negotiate the price for your project or a fixed price per item.

-There is a queue of 1- 2 months.  I may work 4 hours per day, since I’m also working on my personal projects and other commissions. I can start working as soon as I receive the payment and work +8 hours per day for a rush fee of x1.5 – x2 of my normal rate. I will work on my free time, extra hours and weekends.

-Payment method: Cryptos (BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT), Wise or Payoneer. Payment fees will be paid by the client. No PayPal. Payment is upfront per item or for the entire project.

-The more image references, the better. There should be image references for: the art direction you want, colors, pixel resolution. Must include pixel art images as well. It is much better to explain what the client wants with images than 10,000 words. 

-I charge for the time I spent texting with the client. The less texting the better for both and cheaper. If there is an NDA, contract or invoice, this will increase the cost.

-I can adapt my style/art direction to any other artist style/art direction, however this may increase the cost since I will need to learn the style, research for image references and polish the art direction once the client approves it.

-I usually send the first draft for revisions after working 2–4 hours. The client can request how frequently I will send the drafts. Sending drafts every 4 hours will be more secure than sending drafts each 8 working hours. It may prevent that I won’t be spending more time on something that the client won’t like. Just keep in mind if the client request a draft each 4 working hours, this will extend the deadline, and increase the cost since I will have to wait for the revisions, make more changes, more texting etc… specially if our working hours are different. I would recommend 4 hours for the first draft and then drafts each 8 working hours. 

-My time zone is GMT-5. I work from 11 am to 8 pm.

-If there is a change of scope of the project and I will need to make some changes, delete work previously approved or draw new things that were not included previously, this will increase the price, even if it was a fixed price. The client will have to pay this additional cost in order to continue with the project.

-Once the Final item is delivered and approved. The client will have 1 week to request 1 revision for things that I forgot to add or fix. If the client needs more revisions, there will be an extra cost for each revision. 

-Rights of use can be discussed, my work must be credited as ITZAH, I could post it on my social networks and portfolio once my work has been published by the client.

-I will refund the hours I did not work, fees will be paid by the client.

Tips to reduce the cost of the project: 

-Have the information of your project clear on a document with images and instructions etc…

-Draw a mock-up or sketch of what you want, this will be easier for me to understand what do you want, which will reduce the number of revisions and increase the approved rate.

-If you invite me to groups, I will have to read everyone, even if there is a conversation between other users where I’m not participating, please keep those conversations in other groups with your team.

-Contact me with months of anticipation. 

Thank you!