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My ko-fi page is back to normal.

It was suspended for adding the lewd versions.  Ko-fi updated their nsfw rules a few months ago allowing now non sexualized nudity. I will ask to ko-fi If I can post some nsfw versions that are not sexualized. If some nsfw are approved from ko-fi I will add them, but not the lewd alts.

There is a hater reporting all my pages, I also received an email at the same time from patreon about somebody reporting my rosa lewd preview post because she is a minor. The post was removed. 

To clarify, After you beat the E4 her mom says:

‘Welcome back home!

Hmm. I barely recognize you!

It seems like you’ve seen and thought about a lot and grown into an adult!’

Hilda age was never confirmed in the game, there is only 1 interview about her age, but just an interview. 

I have to be careful about the ages of the characters, Haters are looking for the slightest possibility just to report me. 

Thanks for understanding and for all the support.