Thanks for considering me for a commission.

-At the moment, I’m only accepting commissions for budgets of +$1000 USD

-Please share image references with a description or document of your project to for a quote. The more image references, the better. There should be image references for: the art direction you want, colors, pixel resolution. Must include pixel art images as well. 

-I can work with fixed prices or by hour, hourly rate $150/h. One of the fastest and skilled pixel artist out there 🙂

-The less texting, revisions etc…the cheaper. If there is an NDA, contract or invoice, this will increase the cost. I’m a professional, so NDA is not necessary.

-I don’t usually accept calls, but if this is a project with a big budget I may do the exception, however my spoken English is around 90%, a live chat on discord will be better for me.

-If there is a change of scope of the project, and if I’m asked to make any changes, delete work previously approved or draw new things that were not included previously, this will increase the price, even if it was a fixed price. The client will have to pay this additional cost in order to continue with the project.

-Once the Final item is delivered and approved. The client will have 1 week to request 1 revision for things that I forgot to add or fix. Additional revisions will have an extra cost.

Tips to reduce the cost of the project: 

-Contact me a month of anticipation.

-Reduce the number of frames, resolution, sprites etc… 

Payment method: Wise 2% fee, Payoneer 3% fee, PayPal 4.5% fee and Cryptos (BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT) %0.5 fee. Payment fees will be paid by the client.

Thank you! n.n



Discord: 1TZAH#1991