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Environment Pixel Artist / World-Stage Designer

 Job position to work as a Freelance. 

Who are we looking for?

-We are looking for artist who want to be among the best in the world. Dedicated with the team to contribute an excellent professional level and grow together.

-A positive person, social, educated, humble, kind and willing to challenge and surpass himself every day.

-A badass specialist to create worlds, stages and epic universes in pixel art.

Visual style

In this Pack, you can download a folder of drawings by several artists that inspire us. We also think about our future games when we are looking for an artist. In our future projects we will use visual styles such as Nintendo, Capcom, Blizzard and games like Darksouls, Castlevania, Shovel Knight, Mario RPG, Earthbound, Undertale, IB, Yume Nikki.

-Someone said Pack? Gimme my Zelda!

You are going to:

-Create and design worlds, rooms, landscapes, platforms, props and environment items using pixel art.

-Work with the art team to create cinematics in pixel art.

-Animate with pixel art, small props of the environment such as plants, candle lighting, curtains, flags, etc.

-Create special effects.

-Collaborate with the design team to provide new ideas and conceptual art.


-A portfolio that demonstrates your skills in both Pixel art and HQ AAA Art.

-Great talent to create epic worlds in pixel art and perspectives.

-Constant communication through messages and voice chat using Discord.

-Be the nerd of the nerds in your neighborhood.

Adventages (Not obligatory):

-Experience as a professional artist in the entertainment industry.

-Experience in Animation.

-Experience creating VFX.

-Experience with other software such as Photoshop, Painter, Unity, Maya, Zbrush.

Additional Information.

The work will begin at the beginning of 2020.

As a freelancer you manage your times, you will not have strict deathline times, you will have all the flexibility, but you need constant communication through Discord voice chat.

Of course we will continue to create more games until the end of time! That means you could work on our future more ambitious AAA projects! And occupy some full-time position in the future, if you wish.


-Portfolio and / or demo reel.


Send us your application here:

It is VERY important that the title of your e-mail start with the position that you are applying, followed by Freelance and your name. Example: Environment, Freelance, Hector Rivera Couoh.

If you already applied, feel free to continue sending us your next projects or notify us for updates in your portfolio to the same email, following the same thread of your application. For any questions, you can send us a message through our Facebook or preferably by private Discord itzaspace#1991

Have a nice day!