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What is DeathRosa?

DeathRosa is a Weirdie RPG/Ballet Hell. Weirdie is a term I created for WEIRD indIE games and Ballet Hell is a genre I created that mix Rhythm with Bullet Hell mechanics. Inspired in Earthbound, Yume Nikki, IB, Mad Father, The Witch House, Omori, Touhou project, Undertale and Weirdcore, Dreamcore, Webcore and Traumacore aesthetics.

What is Weirdcore?

It’s an Aesthetic that intends to recreate the old and amateur level of multimedia content from the internet of the 90s and early 2000s. This is achieved by creating multimedia content with an amateur quality and a lack of context. Some techniques used are: Lower the resolution, add text or black holes with a lack of context, glitter effects, noise, RGB split, blur, edges etc… Some people may feel an uncomfortable sensation, while others may feel comfort.

The Aesthetic Wiki is a good site to start.

Ballet Hell or Bullet Hell? 

Ballet Hell is a genre created by Itzah. It combines Bullet Hell with rhythm mechanics. There are many games that combine bullets with rhythm, but what makes a Ballet Hell different, is the mechanic of the rhythm arrows following the hitbox (the rose). While you are evading bullets with one stick, you will use the other Stick/D-pad to press the rhythm arrows that hits the rose at the rhythm of the song. The combination makes you dance with the rose using both hands.

What is DeathRosa CODE?

It is a mini-game for Game Boy that expands the story of DeathRosa. It isn’t a usual game. Once you start it, a password screen will show. You will find passwords through your adventure in DeathRosa, each password will give you access to the memories of Rosa to discover more about her past. Some passwords will send Rosa to familiar places, like her house. Other passwords will send Rosa to her deepest nightmares, and others will… It’s unknown what will happen. Once you insert a password, there is no escape…

Once you beat the challenge of each password, you will get another password in DeathRosa CODE. Using this password in DeathRosa will unlock extra content. This mechanic of passwords allows DeathRosa and DeathRosa CODE to communicate with each other.

Status, release date, kickstarter when?

It has been a long learning process, I started with the idea around 2019, but the idea has been changed with the past of the years and my pixel art has been improved that I decided to start from zero again in the mid of 2022 with a new engine from Unity to GameMaker to make the development much easier and faster. I also paused the development in 2022 to do improve my pixel art with some Nintendo fan arts, grow my social networks and do some freelance to get some money to hire a programmer and finance the demo and kickstarter for 2023.
So 2023 will be my comeback, with improved pixel art skills, money, a programmer and a bigger community supporting me, so thank you! T_T