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What is DeathRosa?

DeathRosa is a Weirdcore game and Ballet Hell game. It’s inspired in Earthbound, Yume Nikki, IB, Touhou project, Undertale and Game & Watch. Art direction is also inspired in Pokemon red/blue, Megaman, Shovel knight, Cave story, Atari games and dreamcore, webcore aesthetics. DeathRosa is an experience that plays with your curiosity, where you will explore abstract, colorful and weird worlds, solve puzzles, encounter with your fears (and weird creatures) and discover more about your past.

What is Weirdcore?

It’s an A E S T H E T I C that intends to recreate the old and amateur level of multimedia content of the internet in the 90’s and early 2000’s. This is achieved by creating or editing any kind of multimedia content in an amateur level with bad edits and a lack of context using a software such as paint. The earliest edit was made in 2017, but it started his popularity in 2020 through Tumblr. Some techniques used are: Edit a picture with a lack of context, lower the resolution, adding text with a lack of context, adding 90’s-2000’s effects such as text effect, low resolution GIFs, glitter effects, noise, RGB split, blur, shadows with no reason, edges etc…

People may experience a weirdcore edit in different ways. Some people may feel an uncomfortable sensation, while others may feel comfort. It will depend on their own feelings and experiences.

The Aesthetic Wiki is a good site to start.

I’m confused… Is DeathRosa a RPG?


Why is DeathRosa a Weirdcore game?

DeathRosa parodies the typical RPG elements. Usually, players in RPGs are used to expect cause-effect of his actions. Getting rewards from bosses, use or buy items, take decisions etc… DeathRosa twists those elements where the player may get different effects of what the player was used to, putting the player in an unfamiliar position.

There are 3 universes in DeathRosa, the bright universe, the dark universe and the Metagrid. Both universes are connected through the Metagrid. The Metagrid is like a grid where the rules of the physics are broken, and here is where weird cause-effect can happen, such as:
For example:

-RPGs usually have a story. Most of the story of DeathRosa have no context. Starting with the fact that Elin lost her memories, and you have no idea about his past.
-Dialogues out of context.
-Combat system some times may have no sense, you may even win an encounter, but end up loosing it with no reason…

Did you mean Ballet Hell or Bullet Hell? 

Ballet Hell is a genre designed by Itzah. It combines Bullet Hell with rhythm mechanics. There are plenty of games that combines Bullet Hell with Rhythm mechanics, but what makes a Ballet Hell different, is the mechanic of the rhythm arrows following the hitbox (the rose). While you are evading bullets using one stick, you will use the other Stick/D-pad to press the rhythm arrows that hits the rose at the rhythm of the song. The combination makes you dance with the rose using both hands. Something like a twin-stick mechanic,  but twin-stick games use one stick to move the player and the other stick to rotate the shooting direction. DeathRosa doesn’t have a shooting mechanic, instead you will use one stick to move the rose to evade bullets, and the other stick/D-pad to press the rhythm arrows. Arrows will always follow the rose, there is no way to evade them, if you get away from them, they will move faster, if you get closer, they will move slower, this design is required to keep the rhythm of the song coordinated with the arrows when they touch the rose, no matter how far or close you move from them. Some bullet patterns  will force you to move away, this will increase the speed of the arrows, and other patterns will force you to stay close to the boss, decreasing the speed of the bullets, staying close to the boss will also give you less time to react to the bullets to evade them btw =)

What is DeathRosa CODE?

It’s like a “DeathRosa 2” game. You will be able to play it in your Game Boy, Switch or Steam. It will be included with DeathRosa for Switch and Steam, executable through the main menu of DeathRosa using a GB emulator, just like the Castlevania anniversary collection. A physical copy for Game Boy will be available through DeathRosa’s Kickstarter.

DeathRosa CODE isn’t a usual game. Once you start it, a password screen will show. You will find passwords through your adventure in DeathRosa, each password will give you access to the memories of Elin in DeathRosa CODE and discover more about her past. Some passwords will send Elin to places that she remembers, like her house. Other passwords will send Elin to her nightmares, and others will just execute weird things… It’s unknown what will happen. Once you insert a password, there is no escape…

There will also be puzzles and bosses. Once you beat the challenge of each password, you will get another password in DeathRosa CODE. Using this password in DeathRosa will unlock extra content to discover more about the past of Elin. This mechanic of passwords allows DeathRosa and DeathRosa CODE to communicate with each other. All this process is optional, you don’t need to play DeathRosa CODE to finish DeathRosa, but you will be rewarded with alternative endings, secrets, bosses and more.