ITZAH’s Story. 

I was bron in 1992. I grew up in the smallest city of Mexico (Chetumal) very far from any big city, just in the border with Belize, so there was no internet, video games, and anything here when i was a kid. My father was an electronics technician and he had to fly sometimes to Mexico city, so with his intention to relate me with the technology he bought me there an Atari 2600, Game Boy and NES. One of my uncles had a secondary job, renting super nintendo games, he convert his garage in the only place to play video games in the city. Kids were happy these days, and i played a big part of the SNES catalogue for free in that garage.

In 2017 i saw the SGDQ that inspired me to create my own indie game, and i realized that i could do my 2 dreams in one project, create a video game and continue with my dreams to be a musician aswell doing the OST for the game! and also i realized that i was watching only big companies and projects to work on, but i never considered that i was good enough for business, softwares and computers to create my own company. The community in my DA has given me a big support for this project, big thanks to everyone!