A new genre in video games: Party Hell!!
Inspired in Shmup and danmaku genres, and classic SNES RPGS games! 

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DeathRosa overworld is a classic top down SNES like RPG. In the overworld you will make friends, enemies, get trolled, solve puzzles, play mini games, funny moments, drink coffee, escape from creepy demons, solve more puzzles and get trolled again and the desicions you take in the game will change the difficulty of the fights.
The combat system of Deathrosa opens a new genre in video games, it has been the most difficult part to design over the 2 years of development. Many itzah’s nights with migranie and 0 sleep brings to you a Party Hell or Party ’em up!!! 

The formula is: Turn-based RPG + Bullet Hell / Danmaku + Shoot ’em up + Rhythm elements + Fighting elements + Tactics elements + Sugar <3

 Full gameplay will be added soon!! 


DeathRosa overworld is a classic top down SNES like RPG. In the overworld you will make friends, enemies, get trolled, solve puzzles, play mini games, funny moments, drink coffee, escape from creepy demons, solve more puzzles and get trolled again and the desicions you take in the game will change the difficulty of the fights.
Combat system.
Many itzaspace’s nights with migranie and 0 sleep brings you a new genre called: Party Hell or Party ’em up!!! 
The formula is: Turn-based RPG + Bullet Hell / Danmaku + Shmup + Rhythm elements + Fighting elements + Tactics elements + Twisted bosses + Sugar <3
The combat screen splits in 2 sides: The enemy area on top and the party area on bot. The Party area has a resolution of 160p, simulating a Game Boy screen resolution, and the Boss area the half, 80p, Conbined, the total screen has a NES like resolution of 240p but scaled to 1080p. Inspired in Earthbound, we have on bot there are the 4 party members (boxes).
Before the fight stars, there will be a short conversation with the boss, you will have options to answer or act, depending in your desicions is how the fight will evolve, different answers could make the fight harder and start with a different pattern of bullets, or a good answer could avoid an unnecessary fight, those desicions have a big impact in the game and can determine the ending of the game.
When the fight starts, the boss will initiate attacking you with the first wave of bullets. You will have 3 friends + you to help you. Each friend has a body or weapon.
The rose is the player hitbox. This is the rose that holds the spirit of yooko’s sister. Bosses and enemies will try to kill the rose and Yooko must protect it. You must move the rose to evade the bullets. The rose can shoot petals which is the main shooting power in the game. Besides the petals, Yooko has his own shmup powers, one of his powers is to speed up the movement of the rose to evade bullets faster, he has more powers but we will talk about it, later.
The eyes are the shmup power of Ebys, the necromancer, they act like a second shooting power and do extra damage, they can be activated  anytime, with a condition. You must do a sacrifice to use it, for every second you use them, it will take a few points of HP of the entire party every second, you must take care when are you going to use it. Here is where the game becomes more strategic, there will be phases where you will requiere to do more damage. If you don’t want to die, you must be prepared to heal up your party before these phases and use the eyes where more needed.
The “+” below the rose, is the shmup power of Remmi, she is a healer and each + represents the charges of healings available to make Special Powers, these charges are called “Power Charges” and each character has their own Power Charges. When you are starting the game, and recruit remmi to your party, she will only have one Power Charge, there is a maximum of 4 power charges that you can get, but you must find them in the overworld just like classic games like the missile expansions in metroid or megaman capsules! You can consume one charge to heal one of your team. If you are out of charges, you will need to keep using the character that you want to recharge and make some damage with the petals to recharge them.
The Swords act like the bombs, and it’s the power of Treyu the swordman. He has more defensive powers, he can use his sword to delete all the bullets in the screen for a few seconds. He will start with 1 sword when you recruit him. 
Switching characters.
Switching characters is a mechanic that allows you to switch a character in real time during the bullet hell combat by pressin a button. When you start a fight, Yooko will be the standar character in command, that means that wherever the rose takes damage by a bullet, Yooko will receive the damage. You can switch to other characters to use their Special Powers anytime, for example: If you received big damage using yooko, you could switch to Remmi and consume one of her “+” charges to heal someone of your party in real time. When you switch to a character, the player color screen will change, each character has their own color screen, Yooko=Black/white, Remmi=Blue, Ebys=Green and Treyu=Red. This will allow you to identify which character are you using.
Special Powers.
The Special Powers (Yooko’s Speed, Remmi’s heal, Ebys’s eyes and Treyu’s “bombs”) are shmup powers level 1 and these only consumes 1 of their power charges . You can consume more charges at the same time (if you have found them in the overworld) to do more advanced powers. Each character have 4 different special powers.  For example, If you are playing with Remmi and you use one of her charges, you will heal one of your team which is her Basic power. If you consumes 2 charges you will do a Super power. 3 charges will do an Master power, and with 4 charges you will do the “Ultimate”.
Power Activations.
To use a power with a character, you must first switch to the character you want to use his power with and then do a sequence of moves similar to fighting games. (All this happens in real time during the bullet hell phase).
To cast the 4 different powers with Remmi you must press:
Frost Heal (Basic Power): ← +    + X. An instant single target heal. x1 power charge.
Light Chain (Super Power):  ← +   +    + X. Generates some ice particles around the player area for 7 seconds, for each cristal that the player takes, it will heal the lowest member of the party. Can heal multiple targets. x2 Power charges.
Doopler Effect (Master Power): +   +    + + + X. Cast a beam for 6 seconds, the beam will focus the party member where the player is located, the beam can switch to different targets. The more away you stay from the character’s box, the more it will heal.
Star Rain (Ultimate):  +   +    + + +   + + + + X. Unleash the powers of the Frost Mountains to cast a rain of stars for 5 seconds. The stars will fall and heal all your party members. After the rain ends, a subsequent power will heal all of your party members according to the amount of stars taken.
How to focus a party member for single target powers? 
Remmi has 2 powers that are single target powers (Frost Heal and Doopler Effect) and 2 Multiple target powers (Light Chain and Star Rain). To cast a Single target power like Frost Heal to one of your team, you must move the rose while using remmi to the Party Member AOE (Area of Effect) that you want to heal. The player area screen is divided in 4 (invisible) areas, each party member has his own AOE. When you are in the AOE of the character that you want to heal, you will notice that his party member box will shine, meaning that you are in his AOE. When you are in the AOE of the character that you want to heal you will have to do the move sequences inside his AOE and it will cast the spell to that character. This method acts like if you were selecting a character to heal in real time while you are evading bullets at the same time. For Multiple target powers, you can do them anywhere, it will not mather where you are, because these affects all the party members.
Power Bars.
Each party member and the Boss has a power bar. When you use a power with a character, it will consume one of his power charges. To recharge your power charge, you must keep using the same character and make some damage to the boss with the shooting petals. When you do damage to the boss the  Power Bar of the character (located above the boxes) will start to refill. Once the bar is 100% you will recharge one Power charge for that character that you are using and his Power bar will start from 0 again. If you receive damage from a bullet your character will take damage, but also his power bar will back off a bit. If you switch to another character with his Power Bar not being completed it will be reset to 0. So you must complete the 100% of the bar without switching and the character that will receive the power charge is the one that you are using.
The Boss Power Bar is divided in 4 parts at 25% 50% 75% and 100%. Wherever you take damage from bullets, the Boss will recharge a small amount of his bar.
After the bullet hell/shmup wave ends, the fight will jump to a Turn-based phase. First, the boss will cast a power to one of the party members choosen randomly. If the Boss only completed his bar at 25% he will cast a Basic Power to one of your team. If he got 100% bacause you sucks, the boss will punish you with his ultimate power, this is almost a RIP.
After the power attack of the boss, now it will be your turn, each member of the party will be able to select an action in the menu box: 
  • Spell: You can use these spells to restore some HP or attack the boss. Those spells will be different from the Shmup powers.
  • Item: Use an item to cure a status and more. 
  • Act: Interactue with the boss.
  • Jala!: Try to Escape.
After the end of you turn, the second wave of bullets will begin and this will be repeated once you defeat the boss.
Talent system.
The characters will earn exp and lv up when you defeat enemies, every level will give points to spend in talents to earn new powers, level up powers, level up resistences and more!  
Each character has unique weaknesses / resistences againts enemy powers/bullets. Remmi uses light armor and she will take more damage for a normal bullet than Treyu who is a tank using heavy armor. If you are using remmi to heal someone, you must be carefull to not receive damage with her or she will take a lot of damage. The best situations to use Remmi is wherever there are not much bullets in the screen to evade them easily, you don’t want to use Remmi when your screen is completely full of bullets!! it will be better to use Treyu in those situations.
Each character can equip different types of armor and weapons. The gear will make your character stronger against a certain types of enemies, bullets and powers. You will be able to find the gear in the overworld, after defeating a boss or buying it. 
Yooko: Leather
Remmi: Cloth
Ebys: Mail 
Treyu: Plate.
There are 3 types of bullets that the bosses can shoot: Physical bullets, Heavy bullets and Magic bullets:
  • Physical Bullets:  The standar bullets that any enemy can shoot, only does a small amounth of physical damage.
  • Magic Bullets: Does magic damage. For example: Fire Bullets. The  damage will be determined by your magic resistences. These have a probability to cause harmful conditions.
  • Spell Bullets: These act more like spells, they don’t do damage, but have a 100% prob. of causing a harmful condition.
There are many harmful conditions that can affect a party member. Some conditions can be cured using items, but others will only end after some turns. A few examples:
  • Burned: Caused by taking damage from Fire Bullets with a probability of x%. Damages the party member causing (x)HP at the end of each turn. Last for 3 turns. Can be cured with an Igneous Cherry.  
  • Frozen: Caused by taking damage from Ice Bullets with a probability of x%. Reduces the movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Stun: Caused by some Power Attacks. Stuns the party member for 1 turn. 
  • Blind: Caused by some Spell Bullets. The Party member box can’t be readable for 1 turn. 
  • Voices of the end: Caused by some Spell Bullets. Voices of lament surround your soul, you lose all hope and surrender to death slowly and painful for 7 seconds, until the death comes. 
Rhythim mechanics.
The music in the game has a big role in the fights, bosses can summon mobs, these mobs can shoot bullets but also some of them can shoot Rhythim arrows that will fall to the party member boxes. The player must press the correct “Switch character” button of each party member when the arrows reach the party member box to avoid damage. The mobs will continue shooting arrows once you kill them with the petals.
This mechanic will also bring a new mode in the game menu where the whole fights againts bosses will be only a rhythim/shmup battle.