Project “Silex”


Our most ambitious project, a RTS mmorpg. Inspired in Warcraft 3 (ALPHA) WoW, and Sacrifice . We want to create an hybrid between an rts and a mmorpg. A campaign with insane bosses, multiplayer online, for pve and pvp, create you character, race, class and faction, a lore bigger than Warcraft. We want to create something never seen before. A new genre.

The Warcraft 3 that we played and love was different from the original concept of Warcraft 3 alpha, which was canceled, this is something that only a few people know. There was also sacrifice at the same time, the most underrated video game ever! that nobody knows. For desicions of the destinty, somehow this kind of games never saw the light. Fans hated W3 alpha (without playing it) only because it was a different concept from w1 and 2. But it was a good concept so far. So Rob Pardo had to bring back the original Warcraft rts concept. At the same time there was Sacrifice, a game that nobody knows from their existence, even with excellent reviews. The biggest problem of sacrifice was the UI, camera movement, cooldowns, it was not friendly for new players. As Sacrifice did not sell anything, and W3 (not the original W3 Alpha) was a huge success, the destiny was writen… dota… lol… mobas… and were mobas who finished killing these old concepts, nobody talked more about them, all the lights went on mobas…

Project “Animism”


A high quality Metroidvania, inspired in Castlevania and Darksouls. Brutal, dark, and metal! With the best dark art direction that our hands can do!