Update #1.

After 2 Years of solo Dev i have finally complete almost all the art that i will need for the Kickstarter demo, it’s about 80% also including, characters, worlds, concept art of bosses, sprites, some animations, UI and almost every visual.

For the Story i have done 80%, the rest of the story will be writen as i continue developing the game. I will submit more about the Story soon.

The design of the new combat system has been the hardest part in my 2 years, because i want to create a new genre in videogames, called “Party Hell” I will be honest, Looking my game is more like an Undertale inspiration, so i was kinda afraid that my game would become in a fan game, so i did my best to design a new combat system, to create a new genre that differentiates my games from the millions of games out there, and contribute in the game industry wih new ideas. I will submit the combat system soon.

Now i’m focusing in programming, i haven’t done much in 2 years, because i was focusing in art, game design, combat system, characters and story. The game started like a metroidvania Hollow knight with bullet hell elements, in the month 6 of dev i realized that the game direction was going in the wrong way, so i decided to start again and create a 8 bit top down rpg. That is why i didn’t want to jump in programming until i was very convinced of my game. It’s taking me a little more of time to programming because i have 0 knowledge and my maths and writing are terrible. I’m learning with YT and Udemy turorials. Right now i have implemented: Walk, camera follow, area entrace and exit, dialogue system, menu, including stats, items, use and equip items, char stats, pickup items, coalitions. Next to do is shopping and gold system.

Check the video of my progress:

The OST will be next after i have programming the basic stuff of the game, . Just a few months ago i finally bought all my equipment, a new and good guitar and my SD-90, so i’m excited to start! I have already some mp3 builds, i just need to finish them i will submit them a soon as posible.

About the Game Boy demo game, i have done a lot of art and bosses, but i will submit them later, right now i just want to focus in the main game. ISSOtm is working in the code, the game can run in a game boy, with character walk, camera movement, start menu and an epic intro. I will check how the hell create the ost of the game boy later.

That’s it, thanks for the support!